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From the Generation of the “Lost Cause”

When you believe in people, people come through.

I’ve once read that we are a compilation of everything we’ve seen, smelled, tasted, heard, felt, read, experienced. Come to think of it, it can’t be that far from the truth.

What shapes our thoughts, and eventually our actions are all based on everything we’ve ever encountered. If that’s the case, it follows that we’re all an “effect” of what everyone has ever done.

Humanity is one big ripple effect. Everything you do has its toll – no matter how big it may be or small. We’re all responsible for each other. Shouldn’t it be something to be kept in mind?

Looking at the world this way, it does pose such a big potential to finally get things right. After all, positivity begets positivity, right?

I know, we’ve all heard of things like practicing random acts of kindness, surrounding yourself with “good” people, and the likes of it, but seriously, we just took it for granted.

So now, I need you to have faith in humanity. I’ve lost it once, and for a really long time. And yet, here I am urging you to believe in humanity, even if it feels like lost cause. No, we just can’t give up on each other.

Take it from How I Met Your Mother (quote above). Take it from experience. Take it from someone who kissed screwing up good bye just to get back up again. Take it from every “enlightening self-help” book you can find out there.

Okay, my point is, ALWAYS believe in people, and become a reason why they should too.


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