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Not Gonna Twerk It Like Miley

Look around you and listen. Log in to your Facebook and Twitter account.  If that’s not much, grab your phone and check your Snapchat and Instagram applications. What do you see?

In this digital age where knowledge is always around the corner, and information waiting just for your slightest touch to reveal itself, why does society still fail to grasp the concept of “wisdom” and “individuality”?

We live in a world today where “selfies” are more frequently seen and viewed rather than art; where the public would rather spend an hour watching videos of “twerking” girls than actually see a video with depth; where people would rather read a snippet of a post than read at least a synopsis of a book; where posting a photo of your sumptuous dinner is more obligatory than saying a little prayer of gratitude. What has happened?

Why post provocative images of yourself on the internet for the whole world to see (even without your permission), when actually, “brainy is the new sexy”? Shouldn’t we all cultivate ourselves and go for the things that actually matter and not think of how many “likes” a post would get? Is fame worthy enough for you to lose yourself to the demands of this world? Would you rather choose the acceptance of society than live in your warm bubble of eccentricity and individuality?

Think. Keep on thinking. It’s the new sexy, after all.

All this reminds me of Fall Out Boy’s line, “In a world full of the word yes, I’m here to scream NO”, it may not share the same context but still, I’m here standing up with a big NO (with that song playing on the background in my head) –

No, I will not lose my ingenuity just to blend in and please the crowd. No, I just won’t.


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