Fiction · Prose


A jedi that bleed of words and phrases. Thoughts throbbing and pulsing in her veins. Under skin and bones are ideas buried deep in the core, they get lost in strong stream and current of life and emotions.

Questions as much as the stars. No, not just a sky full of them; a galaxy of unanswered puzzles, and a little girl (jedi) trying to unravel its secrets. Add a blackhole of anxiety and indecisions, trying to steal the light out of the universe.

A jedi without a lightsaber and nothing but a pen in hand. A jedi in an engineering school, trying to know the secrets hidden in sine waves and diodes by picturing them as cryptograms and riddles.

She is no Yoda.

She is no Anakin.

But she will fight sith lords with poems and proses. She will write, because it is what she does. She will write because it is her life force. She writes because it is what she is, and no Death Star can stop her.


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