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5 Things I Learned Not From The Blackboard

Twenty years in this big boulder of mass and life, I have learned a thing or two from playing this game called living. With a fair share of suffering and satisfaction upon growing up, it actually has been a habit for me to contemplate – think about what I gained with what the universe has thrown at my direction.

Embrace your individuality – For all my life, I’ve always heard this statement being thrown at me: You are different. I resented it when I was younger. I envied kids with normal families and pretty much typical personalities. I wanted to blend in. Little did I know, that it actually is an edge. In this world full of pretentions, holding your ingenuity is by far one of the most courageous deeds. Also, trust me on this one, loving yourself goes a long way.

Keep the faith – I am naturally not an optimistic person, I got the “really anxious” genes from my mom, and “over thinker” is basically my middle name, and yet from what I learned, no matter how gloomy, desperate and terrifying things are or as they seem to be, you should never lose hope. Look for the silver lining. Worrying will never get you anywhere, it will never change anything, but a prayer does. So take it from The Count of Monte Cristo, “hope and pray”.

There is a reaction for every action – This may sound like Newton’s Law of Motion, but I’m actually referring to choices and its consequences. I’ve learned this the hard way. We must stand, accept and live with the consequences of our actions, no matter how hard they may be. Our choices shape us; standing by them defines us.

Cultivate yourself – Read. Listen. Travel. Enjoy. Indulge. This planet may be a hard and cruel world to live in sometimes, but keep in mind that it gives off literary masterpieces, luscious chocolate cakes, crystal water and white sand beaches. Make the most of each day. Find your passion and live by it. Yes, living may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun.

Love is (blank) – Okay, so I’m still figuring this one out. But from what I have seen, read about and even experienced, love truly makes the world go round. So why deny yourself of love? It has various manifestations: from a simple “How are you, mom?”, to forgiving and uttering with hoarse voice an “I’m sorry”,  to the defining “Yes, I do”. It is what fuels us, even the Bible is a product of love. As much as we don’t give up on the people we love, I believe that what’s more important is that we never give up on love itself.


24 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned Not From The Blackboard

  1. I LOVE this post, and I love that it is written by someone so young (I’m 47 so I am allowed to say that 😉 ).I say that because some of these lessons I have learned early on- Cultivating myself has been my style since I was a boy. Reading what I want to read, eating the food I want to eat. Ironically that should have helped with your first point, embracing individuality, but somehow it did not until I began taking photos about 15 years ago and now with the writing has blossomed.

    Really excellent post!

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  2. This post i son point! I can definitely relate to keeping the faith and cultivating yourself. Those are things that don’t always come easy but are always worth the struggle.


  3. You write beautifully and a good line of thought goes into your writing. I pray the years ahead bring you greater joys and love. This is my favourite line “Our choices shape us; standing by them defines us.” My motto going forward is own every decision.

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  4. Such a talented young lady you are.. Keep on blogging and continue looking on the positive side of life and keep on inspiring others the best way of saying thank you to the Creator..

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