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So, at 3 in the morning..

Nothing good ever happens after 2 AM.

Sorry, Mosby (How I Met Your Mather). I’m not buying that one: it’s three hours past midnight, six hours since we were last together. A quarter of a day about to pass since you last held my hand, leaving a faint scent on my skin.

Not so long ago, you jumped, head first into the unknown. Not letting the fear of falling take over. I didn’t take the leap, believing that everything that falls gets broken. I couldn’t risk it. With calculated steps and heavy breathing, I walked on a brittle staircase that courses its way down. Down towards you? Down to see if you’re waiting? Yes, down for you.

A phone call was all it took – your undoing, my walls breaking. With tear-strained voice, you mutter those three words. The night’s still and silent; your whisper resonated in every beat my heart made. Three little words, each with a single syllable and not exceeding four letters: a well-built fortress collapsing, brick by brick, one by one. Each brick relentlessly pushing me farther down. Down, to you.

I may not be there yet but hold on for a little longer. Let me find my way, bear with me still if you may. Allow me to be your “one worth the wait“.


17 thoughts on “So, at 3 in the morning..

      1. Not really. The story of my wife’s and my relationship was romantic in its way, but there weren’t many anxiety-ridden nights or anything like that. The sleeplessness came later when the kids were born.

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  1. I often do my best work int he wee hours of the night. As I have always worked night shift (or the very late shift) the wee hours of the night are when my muse wakes up and causes all sorts of trouble! 🙂


      1. Yep! It’s just gets a little difficult when you have a family of morning people! Then your daughter wakes up mid morning and is starving to death lol … 😉 Luckily she takes after me in a few things like sleeping in but her hunger comes from her father! 😀

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      2. Yes! It’s definitely tougher for you with the kid and the job. You have a home to tend to, I’m still a student though. 🙂 Kudos to you for still finding time to write amidst the demands of life. 🙂

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      1. It wasn’t just the almost rhymes at the end – it was the language, the capture of a single moment, the description of something we can all relate to but may have never expressed – all that is what made it poetic to me. I love poetry and say that your post is poetic as a compliment.

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