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Long Lost Sibling + Coffee

If we were having coffee right now,

You’d be smelling the rich fragrance of Arabica beans being brewed. Two cups of blended coffee would be sitting right in front of us, almost untouched, I presume. The cup building moisture outside, thanks to the sweltering temperature. Emphasis on double blended; I don’t like munching on chocolate bits as I drink. And yes, I love drinking coffee now.

I’d tell you stories I haven’t told you yet. Stories you weren’t a part of; I have missed your presence in such memories. But, I’m sure as hell, am glad to have just finally talked to you again. I’ve been wanting for this moment to happen: to hear your voice rambling on with thoughts full of depth masked with lightness, your take on life these past years you’ve been hiding in the shadows. I have longed talking to my best friend.

I’d cling to your words, on how you proved everybody wrong. Oh, not to get on the wrong foot, this is purely brotherly love. I’d give my share of growing-up experiences, of how they shaped me the way I am today.

I’d tell you about how just this week, I have cultivated my mind and my soul. I have went to museums and book fairs! (I will never outgrow my thirst for knowledge) The past few days have been physically exhausting but emotionally and mentally satisfying, all to the point that I wasn’t even able to write. And of course, I’d be glad to tell you how life-changing this new blog is to me.

After exchanging a few too many stories, time passing unnoticed, I’d probably do my thing: Just raise my eyebrow and laugh/smile. Why? I may have realized that no matter how many years we spent apart, some things won’t change: we still have each other’s back. I have found my long lost brother.

Oh, and more thing. I’d let you in on a secret or two, “Sshh, please do not tell anybody about this but I may have found someone new.”

Shouldn’t we take a cheers to that, with our frappes, of course.


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