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It’s always Summertime.

It is like surrendering a part of them.
It is like surrendering a part of them.

I was not able to go through a lot of my writing assignments since I have been refueling my mind with ideas and experiences. Well, a prompt and the keyboard got me on my nerves today, and I am going to do this one thing I have always disliked: sharing something very precious to me with people.

It’s not that I’m selfish, I think the reason is that when I find something really valuable and important, I just want to keep it to myself and to the fellows I really open up to (a limited number). I have read from The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Fault In Our Stars the same thing – not wanting to reveal to the eyes of the public something they revere and love, afraid that they won’t see its worth as much as you do. But, I’m doing it now.

 And then there are books [like An Imperial Affliction], which you can't tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like betrayal

Without music, life would be a mistake.

We all have a song we love to dance to; a song that you just can’t stop yourself from singing; a song that makes you scurry to your guitar to play; a song that reverberates to your core. Well, for that last part, it’s this song. It’s called Summertime by the band My Chemical Romance. Okay, hold your thoughts and your tongues. This is not the typical rock song, and most definitely not the classiest one, and it isn’t the butterflies-in-your-stomach love song either, that’s why I’m going to share with you how my ears and my soul find perfection in its sound.

The first verse: all I can think of is someone who’s just tired of his life. Who had a little too much trouble for a lifetime and just wants a bit of rest, may it be found in another soul who’s just as battered as he is. A whole that is to be made from two tattered pieces of puzzle. And the second verse was what truly got me hooked ever since the first time I have listened to it. The idea that someone out there, that significant someone, can and will turn out the noise, finally. Moreover, the song just speaks of selfless love: one does not demand, one that saves.

This may not seem much, but if I am to love a song more than I do Yellow by Coldplay.. No matter what season it is, it’s always going to be Summertime.


22 thoughts on “It’s always Summertime.

  1. You sent me straight off to play one of my guilty pleasures after listening to yours on YouTube and I found a new version of it – thank you! I’ve never known anyone whose musical tastes really coincide with mine, so I’ve learned to be content with a little overlapping.

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      1. I’m attached to specific songs, rather than genres. It’s kind of cheery independent/pop. The sort you feel like singing or dancing to. I always used to say I like sad lyrics sung cheerily.

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      2. Funny enough the song I was thinking of was a bit like that, though a little weirder. I’m reluctant to share things because (perhaps because of my era) I don’t always equate ‘singing in perfect tune’ with good singing!

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      3. It kind of builds, so you really have to stick with it. The studio albums never captured the effect of a live performance – this is the original version – and about the closest they got.

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  2. Your post is so full of value. I feel sanctity of some things makes them worth more. That is why we like to make love in private. I feel, sharing things which might benefit many is always good than holding them for our own selfish advantage, but some things are not for sharing–they are too personal and not because they will make others ‘better’ than us, but as you say, they just ‘aren’t’ for others.

    I loved your remarks on music as well.
    I wish you very best.
    Love and light ❀
    Anand πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, I believe that some things are meant to be hidden, that some things flourish more in the dark. Or that they hold more value im secrecy, and I agree with you too that it is better to share than to keep everything in (but yet again, it depends).
      Thank you!

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