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Be the criminal or a victim?

“Seek to learn, not just be entertained. Develop convictions, not just opinions. Take a stand, not a pose. Act on your beliefs; don’t merely have opinions.”

I have the privilege of talking to my mother not just as my mom or a mentor, but also as a best friend. Life lessons can be exchanged over our weekly habit of catching up over roasted pork belly or Krispy Kreme’s famous original glazed donuts and coffee. What I don’t usually tell her is that even though we spent years apart when I was growing up; her teachings have never parted me.

I was raised by tough love; I hardly cry, even at times when I wanted to. I have been taught to stand by my own opinions and to accept and to suffer (or enjoy) the consequences of my actions. I grew up being cultivated to fight; to always speak up for what I think is right. Still, I’m no superhero, okay?

In fact, I am opting to be a criminal. Take it from the Renegade Press.

If being a literary criminal is what it would take to finally show the world how corrupted the system and how demoralizing the culture has been, I’d gladly be one. It is the dream.

I will stand by a choice: To write, to let people know that this world we live in today has something better to offer than the popular culture everyone’s been selling and buying. I will stand by this advocacy: to awaken the “intellectual diversity and beauty” not just of the industry but in every individual. That may be a little too idealistic, but at least I’m doing my part, even if all I can manage is one post at a time. I am not going to succumb to the senseless ethnicity we are being bombarded today. I will not let this fraudulent society kill the industry I love the most.

If being a literary criminal is a crime, then by all means, try and put me to jail.


6 thoughts on “Be the criminal or a victim?

  1. You have to be careful! They might put you in a literary prison and force you to read the endless rows of LOLs, WTFs and the like from a couple of teenagers having a texted conversation on their smart phones. (Or would that constitute a cruel and unusual punishment?)

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