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Tale In Five Words

Hesitation – A phone vibrated, “One new message received”, it notified. She had been feeling unexplainably dejected throughout the day. She checked the time, just a quarter after eight, still too early for her to sleep. It can simply be anyone. She struggled with the thought of opening the message – it could be nothing of importance anyway.

Desperation – He’s been thinking twice, thrice, an “n” number of times the whole day before reaching a decision. Already a quarter after eight, with every bit of courage he can muster he sent a text – it said “Hey”. He closed his eyes as he waited for her to reply.

A few years before everything had happened, he sent her messages and got nothing in return. She could have been sleeping, reading, watching her favorite TV show or she could have simply ignored it.

But he knows she will do this time. He hoped she will.

Regret – Reading the name of the sender brought her chills, sent her mind running wild. It could simply be a prank, he could just have been drunk, or he might have sent the message to the wrong receiver.

A few years before everything had happened, she got the same text. She was simply staring at the ceiling – contemplating and wide awake when the phone buzzed. The message brought butterflies to her stomach as it was succeeded by another two. She would have texted back but that night, she ran out of load. She decided to sleep in and let the butterflies die – it could have been anything, for all she knows.

This time, she decided not to let the butterflies slip away; she texted back.

Late – A few hours before the sun rose, mind already docile and meek, she bid him good night along with the three magic words she’s been meaning to say back for years.

A part of him will always want to answer it back, but her reply took a little too long. A lot has changed since he uttered those words. He let the words disappear into oblivion.

Satisfaction – As the sun made its way above the horizon, as its rays passed through every window it towers, the memories of that night remained unstained with the sorrow of parting. It was her favorite fairy tale, his magical lesson learned: You can only you say you really love someone when you’re still happy without hearing it back.


7 thoughts on “Tale In Five Words

  1. the 5 words threw me for a second as your stories were more than 5 words, I then realised it was the words in bold haha. I like tiny flash fiction like this although never really tried it myself.

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  2. Great post! I’m sorry to be catching up on your recent posts. I’ve been focusing on writing so much recently that I have neglected my reading. I even wrote a fiction piece for the first time! Sorry about that, but I really enjoyed this one!

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