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Much Has Been Learned From Yoda

Not all [such] warriors are beyond redemption“.

– Luke Skywalker

Two months ago, the annual Manila International Book Fair was held in the Philippines for a couple of days and even though I had classes, I managed to went twice and lose myself in the sea of joy the fair has to offer. The Earth kept on rotating but I did not feel its significance – I was ecstatic.

The quote caught my attention from a Star Wars book by Disney called the Jedi Path, not only because it speaks of redemption (my favorite word in the dictionary) but also because it’s completely true. I have been believing on this for quite some time now – No one is beyond redemption, and I stand firmly on this belief.

Coincidentally, while I was on the book fair, a friend of mine whom I haven’t talked to in a while messaged me. For the sake of correlation, I’d say that he was once a great Padawan but got lost in the Dark Side. It’s been years since he wandered on the other side of the Force, yet I know just as Luke believes, that he can find his way back to the Jedi’s path. He might be coming around, for all I know. When that happens, my arms will be wide open.

I myself had my own share of visit in the Dark Side. I was reluctant with the Light. I questioned things as important as faith, I made a mess of myself just because I was holding on to grudges, feeding my wrath and my uncertainties. I was even unreceptive to love itself. Going back to the way of the Light wasn’t easy, it took months of unfaltering support from my mom, months of regaining the lost faith. And just as what Luke said, fighters that step away from the Dark Side can be more receptive to the Light. I have never been the same again.

We grow up with Biblical stories like the Prodigal Son that speaks of the same thing, Salvation which is the utmost example of redemption. It must have been because the world needs it more than we know. I guess what matters is that you don’t give up on the people who needs it most; that you don’t give up on the people you love, and that includes yourself.


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