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“It is over.”

In eight letters, the world crumbled, a heart shattered into million pieces. Tears escaping incessantly down her cheeks. It’s over – after years of fighting for what they believed was real, after a million waking dreams of being together for a lifetime, after innumerable ‘I love you’s. It’s all over.

It only took one text message, overflowing of betrayal she wished she did not see. Needless of explanations, she knew she had to give him up. There is no reasoning against her morals, it is the only anchor she has now. She took a deep breath before calling out to him in the kitchen, “Babe, you’ve just received a text.”

One message, one mistake. He has been the ‘ideal’ guy every girl has been dreaming of. He cooks well and bakes great; he listens to The Beatles and sings it out loud; he has just finished attending graduate school and only a month ago, he managed to surprise her with a magic show. Each day with him has not been the same. He happened to give in to temptation, just this once, but it was enough for her to change her mind.

It only takes a single decision to change the whole course of one’s future. She has this in mind as she uttered those three words that took every bit of strength to not let her voice crack and not let him hold her to refuge. All his shortcomings, all his flaws – all these she can take, but not this transgression.

It took her a while to find her glow back. She questioned the existence of genuine love, she got through a number of failed relationships trying to look for her lost self. Everyday was tiresome and cyclic, paired with cups of coffee and a bottle of beer. This has been her routine until she came across an old typewriter. She focused her remorse on writing. It changed her life.

Five years ago, she thought to herself and smiled. Her phone beeped, “Babe, you got a text.”, her fiancee called from the kitchen. Five years ago, she made the biggest decision she can make – let go of the things that hold her back to make room for the best things in life.

Your Days are Numbered


17 thoughts on “81115

  1. Break ups are hard. Especially when the other person doesn’t get it. But you got to make your choices and stick to them. You can’t let your life just go in circles with that person until you hate it. Great story.


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