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Guns and Tea at Three

Twenty four hours a day – eight to ten spent snoring, another five on the campus, two hours on the road, which leaves me with an ample amount of time to be either productive or a lazy ass as you might think. Before putting on that judging hat, let me first be specific that engineering is a tad demanding course (not an excuse, I know), and though most of the time I usually don’t study in advance or even review for an exam, it still requires me to allow a portion of my free time doing stuff still related to the course. A day must pretty much leave me with five hours or so to interact with people, cultivate myself by reading, contemplate and write – No, it does not. I have to compromise a lot of stuff I want to do if I want to get ‘actual’ things done.

So what do I do when I don’t write?

I go sailing on a yacht with friends; partying with rockstars en route to another show in the Pacific; soaking the sunlight in the Bahamas; watching Disney in the Stars before I go to sleep; simply indulging in the rich history and culture of my country. How I wish.

Instead, whenever I have free time or decided to cut class (oops), I always try to just take a pause from all that’s happening in my life and breathe – may it be by playing with real guns (supervised by professionals, of course); knitting a purse my friends and I sell just for the sake of productivity; staying in a two-hour-away coffee shop and watch Star Wars; ramble about how the mysteries of life unfold with my mom or/and my best friend; or simply staying in my room and read.

In retrospect, life always tend to mask its beauty by being burdensome, and all these halt for deep breaths are necessary to see past the darkness that veils its majesty. And before the day ends (heck, before you even realize it), you’ve created another post already.


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