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Palm Trees and Beaches

I checked my phone yet again, 12:25 PM. I’ve been sitting here in the bus for almost two hours now – no wonder why my stomach’s growling. I should have eaten that sandwich before I left, too late now.

“Emergency calls only”, my stupid supposedly “smart phone” flashed at me just as I examined the time. Great. I’m in a foreign land, by myself, and no means of contacting anyone I know of. I must not think about the nonsensical thriller movies I was forced by my cousins to see when we were kids.

Focus, I tell myself. Complaining will not get you anywhere, besides, you don’t even have an audience. The view outside reminds me of home – greenery surrounding the highways, pitches of roofs seen in the distance, billboards every a hundred meters or so, and the clouds.. how they roam the dazzling sky in peace. It takes me back to my good childhood days, when my dad would show interest on my stand if the clouds move or not.

I indulged myself with the memories from the past – to amuse myself, not to overthink and panic. I daydreamed of the time I spent with my family on that one vacation we were complete. Walking-on-the-beach-Rottnest IslandI can still picture my brother in his blue trunks playing in the waves and my mom, looking more of a movie star in her make-up and swimwear rather a mom of two, watching over little John as my dad and I stroll along the sand looking for seashells and little round stones.

If only that day has ended well. I can recall how my heart pounded and for the last time have allowed myself to sob and wail in front of anyone when my dad got on his knees to look me in the eye and talked about divorce. Apparently, my parents know nothing of good timing.

The bus driver stopped my train of thoughts by announcing my stop. I hopped out and felt the sultry and humid weather this tropical land is known for. I waited for a cab and asked the driver to take me straight to my apartment – my new home, I should say.

Coconut palm and palm trees surrounded the road. Even with the air-conditioning system of the cab, the heat can still make its way to tease. You did it, you’re finally strong enough to escape the confinements of your past, I muttered to my inner being. But to the driver, “Sir, can you please take me to the nearest beach?


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