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In Time

November 29, 2007. I hit play on my iPod shuffle, oh how convenient this little piece of circuitry is to me – a high school senior envisaging how I’d take my place on the world as I listen to old U2 songs; everyone seemed to be fixated on what and who they’d wear on grad ball. I can probably wear something made of rug yet no one would give a damn; all heads will pretty much turn into Kate’s shining, shimmering ball gown. I put on my headphones, blocking out the world.

November 29, 2007. She has her headphones on again – completely lost in her thoughts. Should I take part in her own inhibited bubble? This will be my last chance to ask her out – I have let several occasions flew right in front of me. I look around the classroom and see Kate staring at me, inviting me to draw near. I take a step toward the batch’s beauty queen yet my mind screams in objection: if not now, then when?

November 29, 2009. The music is blaring, all these flashing lights is making the world spin. Or it may just be the three shots of tequila, wait, was it three or five? Nevertheless, I move my body along the song. I scanned the crowd for a familiar face – one that could anchor me back to my lost self. Gone is the girl who envisioned making a significant change in the course of history, all that’s left is her waning cocoon.

November 29, 2011. Could it actually be her? The last thing I heard of her was when she got into a car accident a year back. It’s a little ironic that even few years have passed, tons of things have changed – she still carry her ambiance of reverie in her solitude. I have to buy her at least a second cup of coffee.

November 29, 2015. A song from my most watched film is playing in soft, melodic background. I look up from my book and see his eyes gazing intently at me. He always does this whenever I bury myself in works of fiction – he seems to be memorizing every inch of me. I do not protest, I have always liked this engaging habit of his.

November 29, 2015. She noticed me staring at her, an abrupt smile formed her lips. It was four years ago when I first saw her again in this exact coffee shop, where I finally asked her out. I was about to ask for a refill of her coffee, when she heard a Coldplay song and started talking about our younger years – full of passion and wisdom. This time, I do not hesitate, enough with the overthinking; I got down on my knees and prayed that she’ll say yes.


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