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This Matters.

“Aurum Potestas Est.” – Fowl Family Motto (Artemis Fowl)

Translated in English means, “Gold is power.” This element, Au, is certainly one of the commonly known element in the world; most precious metal in all of history; most coveted and sought after. How did it rise to its level of recognition and significance? Aside from its stunning strength and luster, the sole reason lies in its scarcity. Being rare makes it special.

That’s the thing with society – we are taught to believe that rare things are eminent, are of high value. But what about the stuff we see and deal with every day? Hard truth: we tend to take them for granted, until they’re gone and its absence felt, realizing its real worth.

In a 5 kilometer radius alone from where I write, a number of convenient stores can be found. I have lived my life knowing that if I need something basic, I can rely on a 7-Eleven just a minute or two away. Needless to say, convenient stores have never been significant for me.

Back in 2009, my best friend and I happened to meet in one of those stores before going to school. Incidentally, we happened to come across certain batch mates while waiting for each other at the said store – we all become a part of this wolf pack. Good old days.

Fast-forward to 2015, the wolf pack now gone: we have carried on with our lives. Four of us now about to become engineers, the other has just took a board exam, and my best friend still in hiatus. Recently, I have passed that 7-Eleven. It looked the same – taking me back to the early mornings I’d wait patiently for my best friend to arrive (or maybe it was the other way around?) Nevertheless, the store hasn’t changed much at all but it felt like everything did. I can sit and wait there all day but I know that these people are not going to come around.

Which brings me back to my point, when you find someone you value, you know you can never live without – treasure them. Surely, their worth’s more than the finest diamond and gold, yet you don’t go throwing precious jewels away. Never let them go; you wouldn’t want to go past a convenience store with tears trying to escape your eyes.


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