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Oh hello, December!

Today marks the first day of this year’s last month – oh, how time flies (written about a week ago). Eleven months ago, I’ve made this pact (not a resolution, but a pact) with one of my best friends to make sure that this year will be different than the previous one. And mission accomplished: it has been the best year ever.

To make things clear, 2015 hasn’t been easy for me at all – I’ve dealt with my own personal shit holes (forgive the cursing) and yet for the first time in a really long time, I tried not to indulge in it. I tried looking at the brighter side – cliché, I know, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. And that has made the big difference.

I can tell you in gruesome details how devastated I truly am for weeks after breaking up with my five-year-boyfriend, how crushing it is to see your mom battle depression again, and how I lost multiple friendships at once – but I won’t. If you want to be truly morose and lose hope for humanity, this isn’t what you’re looking for. Go watch the evening news – that’ll do the trick!

Being the best year doesn’t mean it has been the easiest or the most extravagant either – in fact, it has been more challenging, mentally perplexing, and emotionally draining. Yet as I contemplate, I can’t help but notice that in spite of every odd I have faced, I’ve never felt more peaceful, secure, and joyful. Just look at the pie graph (I tried, okay?), there is no doubt that the positivity outweighs all the negativity life has offered me this year.

2015 in a pie graph. (I REALLY tried, okay?)

We all go through dark, rough patches in our lives. It may take most of the limited 52 weeks we get in a year – but try to keep in mind that for 365 (and one fourth) days, the simple marvels of the world is ready to show you that life is too short to be weary. Take your eyes off the screen for a minute, look outside your window – when was the last time you noticed that incredible vast blue sky and the cloud formation it beholds?

As this year closes and 2016 says hi, try to look at the things that happened in a different angle. (Remember: Math has taught us that a 40  angle is also equal to -320 ) It’s all in the matter of how we perceive it – after all, your life (as much as your love story) is what you make it.


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