Words Enchanting

Skulls and roses,

the heart and the mind,

Thoughts and emotions,

butterflies and bones;

each are alike,

yet each seems to oppose.


Through rise and fall,

of celestial orbs;

Through ticking and tocking

of mechanical clocks;

Through doubts and indecision,


a magical moment found.


Years passed,Β 

caged in an enchanted sleep;

Yet in this magical night,

and the splendor of words,

ignites the sleeping beast.

The very first post of this blog talks about this perfect notebook that I had – I can’t seem to find the courage to start writing on it. I hold it with so much reverie that I think that my thoughts and my emotions aren’t worthy enough for the blank pages it beholds. Yet, just only last night, this magical moment happened, and I was finally able to gather up the confidence that I need to start devouring the pages and fill it with my own wonder.


19 thoughts on “Words Enchanting

  1. Hey, anonymous. If you went from writers block, to writing that, I can’t wait till you hit your groove. As always, Best regards & happy Blogging. #NOTHINGMatters

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