Seconds Sinking


In the midst of the night,

as deep as the raging sea,

as loud as the howling wind,

as high as the floe in sight;


Your hand clasped in mine,

in shuddering voice, you seek;

Do you love me?”,

In creaking tone I speak,

Yes, I do.”


In the middle of chaos,

those words I hold on to.

As each second go swiftly,

down the glacial sea you go into;


As certain as death takes life,

as each second pass by,

as your quivering lips turn blue,

 I cry how much I do.



18 thoughts on “Seconds Sinking

  1. This was a thoughtful but sad poem. Death or loss seems to go along with a theme of seconds or moments. This poem gave a very clear image of him being lost at sea. Particularly, the image that “his lips are blue” and how much the speaker cries. Nicely done.

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